• Image of Daniel Fagerström: Icosa — AI

Daniel Fagerström's Icosa soundtrack, is taken from eight information films about artificial intelligence commissioned by The Swedish Research Concil and Forskning.se, premiering at The National Museum of Science and Technology. The music continues in the looped, ambient and modular synth vein of his earlier film works (A Living Soul / Paper World / Manouvers In The Dark) but this time being based around grand piano samples, a Waldorf Microwave synthesizer and and with a Reichian minimalist touch.

Six track one sided LP with the other side etched. Comes in a hand made charcoal colored cardboard box made by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik, with double sided gold foil print. It's a heavy piece, therefore postage is a little higher than usual for LPs.

200 made. Limited to 100 copies for sale and 100 copies for partners and co-workers of the Icosa — AI project.

Samples up here: https://soundcloud.com/moptacodics/sets/daniel-fagerstrom-icosa